Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Terrorist Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Terrorist Behavior - Essay Example One such study is how close terrorists live in proximity to where the terrorist act occurs. Many studies have been conducted to ascertain how close terrorists live with respect to areas they strike. One such was carried out by the National Institute of justice. In its study, it examined sixty terrorist cases that have hit the United States in the past twenty five yeas. The study revealed that terrorists live close to their targeted area (Smith, (n.d)). For instance, the study reveals that among the cases examined, terrorist lived within 30 miles from their targets. This was evident in a case study with respect to McVeigh the mastermind of September 11 terrorist attacks and Rudolph the mastermind behind the bombing of abortion clinic in Birmingham. In this case it was noticed that they lived closer to their target points before carrying out the attacks (Smith (n.d)). Preparation time is another question that lingers in the minds of many researchers. The study by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) reveals that terrorist acts do not just happen in a matter of days but instead goes through a number of strategic planning. For this reason, the finding showed that terrorists take several months or years before accomplishing their mission (Smith, (n.d)). With regard to the whether there is a difference in proximity and preparation for domestic and international terrorists, the findings showed almost similar pattern. In this case, the findings by the National Institute of Justice revealed that in both cases the proximity of the target point is close. For example according to analysis of survey conducted by National Institute of Justice, about half of domestic terrorist and close to three-fifth of international terrorists actually lived within thirty miles of their targets. This trend seems to make it easier for the terrorists to carry out intensive surveillance and other

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